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The first amateur station in Lowton 6LC became G6LC in 1921 

We understand that Stan Ince the licencee was the Post Master at Lowton Common and we believe that is why he had the call letters LC.

We also believe he was one of the first radio amateurs in the UK and possibly the world

We therefore intend to celebrate the centenary of this first G call sign in Lowton, we know Stan had the call 6LC prior to the introduction of G calls in 1921 but as yet we can not find the actual date of the 6LC call. 


The station was to operate from Lowton Independent Methodist Church, where Stan and many of the Ince family were members including David G4UPO who was also the Lowton Common postmaster. 

The post office where they both lived in their time was just 50 yards from the church, both of them had wire antennas crossed the church grounds and terminated in a post in the grounds.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the station will operate from the GB7JL location please listen out for us on 2 meters, 70 cms and on Brandmeister DMR. 

We regret there will be no public access this year

Two minutes after the postman delivered my G1 licence on 9th February 1984,  I put out a CQ call on S20 145.500MHz I made my very first contact, the station was Stan G6LC.  A distance of 1 mile as the crow flies. (AN)

The newest Lowton station Worked the oldest established station in Lowton

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